Tarifa wellness

Tarifa wellness

The Wellnes rate includes: Yoga, Pilates, Sweep the Floor, Maintenance Flexibility, Flexibility.

It is a rate that helps you keep fit and the best thing is that you can do it with dance professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

The Wellness Rate offers you the perfect combination to keep fit in a fun way, taking care of your physique and your mind with more than 60 monthly classes. In our Center you will find quality and exclusivity.

Monthly price € 49

Benefits of joining the Wellness Rate.

  • Flexibility.

Improve physical performance and reduce the risk of injury, reduce muscle discomfort and improve posture, reduce the risk of pain in the lower back, Increase blood flow and nutrients to the tissues.

  • Pilates

You lose weight gradually, we activate the metabolism, which is the body function that regulates energy expenditure, tones the muscles without injury, you shape the figure, improve posture, reduce stress.

  • Yoga

Strengthens muscles and bones, increases flexibility, keeps us young, burns calories, improves breathing, balances the nervous system, promotes cardiovascular health, reduces stress and works the mind.

  • Ballet on the floor

Working on the ground one learns more about his body, he is more aware when looking for and finding correct and adequate motorcycles for his physical completion helping to avoid ailments such as back pain, poor posture and stiffness. It is a remarkable and valuable tool for all who wish to perfect the classical technique or those who wish to discover this wonderful world of barbell to the ground for the first time.

Align the spine, Muscles enter into a deep connection, exercises are performed by working foreign areas of our body, improve muscle tone, body alignment, stress, improve flexibility and burn calories.

Sign up for our rate and get all the benefits you need for your body and mind!


  • Classes are held in our centers, check the schedule.

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