Pre Danza 2 años
Ballet and Dance School for 2-year-old boys, girls and babies.

Pre Danza 2 años

School of Pre Dance and Classical Ballet for children of 2 years.

Pre Dance classes for 2-year-old boys and girls and classes for 2-year-old babies.

Goya and Nuñez de Balboa area in Madrid Centro.

What is Pre-dance for 2-year-old boys and girls?

The Pre Dance or corporal expression is a first contact with music and dance. They are classes oriented to the development of expressive, musical, intellectual and motor skills. It is intended that the little ones acquire their knowledge from the exploration, manipulation and recreation of sound; with a playful methodology, as a globalizing axis, so that they can feel the music and express themselves freely. The work carried out in Pre-dance does not have the objective of dancing itself, it is a class where there is room for boys and girls regardless of their physical condition, even with anatomical problems, with or without a sense of rhythm, whether they like to dance or not. ; everyone can benefit from it

Open classes are held, in which parents can see the development that their child has had and how well they are having in their Pre-dance class.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal for Merit for good work.


Schedule – Pre Danza
Livel Age Day Schedule
Pre-Danza 2 years Mon – Wed – Thu  17:30 to 18:15



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