Contemporary classes for adults in Madrid Centro.


Contemporary school for adults.

Contemporary classes for adults in the Goya Zone Barrio Salamanca, Madrid Centro.

¿What is the Contemporary?

It is generally danced with bare feet. Learning includes techniques and movements from classical ballet, as well as new expressions from modern dance. The goal is to explore the movements in relation to the floor while applying some body consistency techniques.

Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style that combines elements from various dance genres, including modern dance, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet.

Contemporary dance pioneers include Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, and Merce Cunningham because they broke the rules of strict ballet forms. History of contemporary dance. The origins of contemporary dance begin at the end of the 19th century.

The contemporary has different styles.

Graham Technique: Focused on pelvic and abdominal contraction and relaxation coordinated with breathing.

Cunningham Technique: Independent movements are awarded with respect to the music, randomly combining a series of movements.

Lemon Technique: Emphasizes the organic principles of recovery, fall, suspension and succession. The movement of the breath in the body, and the dynamics of the weight of the body during the creative process of a dance, are also essential in this technique.

Release Technique: They help to develop awareness about body alignment, breathing, the organic mechanism of the joints and the distribution of weight in the body.

Hawkins Technique: It is the use of fluid and free movements that start from the body's center of gravity. The Hawkins technique is the union of body, mind and soul. His technique helps precisely to develop that integration.

At Factory Ballet Madrid you will find different levels of contemporary specifically for adults. From beginner levels to intermediate levels.

2 shows are held in the theater per year.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

In our School you will find Contemporary classes for adults, with the best study plan. Starting from level zero to reaching intermediate levels.

Morning schedule - Contemporary
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Tues – Thu 12:00 to 13:30
2nd Middle initiation Mon – Wed 10:30 to 12:00
Afternoons schedule - Contemporary
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Mon – Wed 20:30 to 22:00



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