Adults singing
Singing classes for adults in Madrid Centro.

Adults singing

Singing school for adults.

Singing classes for adults in the Goya Barrio Salamanca area, Madrid Centro.

What is Singing?

The training of singers in a conservatory is a sub-specialization of the music career, and requires about ten years. To study singing academically, like any other university career, an admission exam is essential, as well as a vocal diagnosis and the musical aptitude test. An alternative way of studying singing semi-academically is choral practice, since there are calls for "amateur" choirs where formal study of music theory is not necessary.

The individual conformation of the larynx and vocal tract is the reason why the individual singer is more distinguishable by his vocal sound, than a musical instrument of another of the same type. The vocal technique does not focus primarily on instrumental virtuosity, but on the formation of the correct emission of sound. Since the speech apparatus and the diaphragm are not accessible through nervous sensations, the singing teacher has to use indirect methods of influencing the voice, such as images, muscle sensations in adjacent organs, and vocal tract training.

How many types of song are there and what are they?

In male lyrical singing there is: bass, baritone, tenor and in female lyrical singing there is: alto, mezzo-soprano, soprano.

In singing classes it is always developed in several stages: Warming up the voice and vocalization, Breathing and diction exercises, Posture, Learning vocal techniques (voice placement, tessitura development, vibrato ...) and Interpretation for put into practice the techniques learned. Much of the work in singing class is working on basic vocal techniques to control your voice and develop vocal performance. In the singing technique it also includes diction and pronunciation of vowels, especially the intonation of phrases.

2 shows are held in the theater per year.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

In our School you will find Singing classes for adults, with the best study plan. Starting from level zero to reaching intermediate levels.

Morning schedule – Singing
Course Livel Day Hour
2nd Middle initiation Fri 10:30 to 12:00
Afternoons Schedule – Singing 
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Tues – Thu 19:30 to 20:30



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