Theatrical Interpretation
Theater Interpretation classes for adults in Madrid Centro.

Theatrical Interpretation

School of Theater Interpretation for adults.

Interpretation classes for adults in Madrid Centro, Goya, Barrio Salamanca.

¿What is theatrical performance?

The interpretation of roles is similar to the improvised drama or theater delimited by external rules in which the participants are the actors, who interpret the roles. ...

 In the theater interpretation classes you will learn the basic techniques of voice and corporal expression, concentration, reading and analysis of theatrical texts, as well as the construction of dramatic space and the ability to improvise. The interpretation is based on the actions and decisions of the characters being coherent based on the information that the reader has about them.

The Theater Interpretation classes are aimed at all those who want to have a first contact with the theater as part of their educational, cultural and human training. Have fun and learn by working through your body, your voice, improvisation and play. you will reach the end of the course to represent a play. A final sample will be held for friends and family.

2 shows are held in the theater per year.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

In our school you will find Theater Interpretation classes for adults, with the best study plan. Starting from level zero to reaching intermediate levels.

Afternoon schedule - Interpretation
Course Livel Day Hour
1st From the age of 14 Tues – Thu 19:30 to 21:00
1st From the age of 14 Sat 11:00 to 12:00




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