Heels Dance

Heels Dance

Dance Academy of Heels dance.

Heels dance classes for adults in the Goya Barrio Salamanca area, Madrid Centro.

What is Heels dance?

Heels Dance is a form of dance whose main characteristic is the use of shoes with heels. This form of dance was born in New York and combines steps from jazzfunk, go-go, strip-dance, cabaret and others. The heels dance dance classes are collective, first you will learn small basic steps based on the aforementioned dance disciplines and then achieve the fluidity that is needed for this style of dance. Dancing on heels may seem difficult at first, but with practice and the help of your teachers, you can do it.

Heels dance is one of the most striking dances for those women who not only want to have fun, but also want to feel sensual.

In Heels Dance classes you will start from level zero until reaching intermediate levels.

2 shows are held in the theater per year.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

In our Academy you will find heels dance classes for adults.

Morning schedule - Heels Dance
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Mon – Wed 12:00 to 13:00
Afternoons schedule - Heels Dance
Course Livel Day Hour
1st Initiation Mon – Wed 19:30 to 20:30



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